Tuesday, May 04, 2010

weird period=weird oldies

I really think old people are the mirror of our time.
Take this guy I met in a cafe in Parc Floral in Paris, for instance: around 75 years old, he spent at least half an hour sitting in that position talking to another oldie (who looked absolutely like a standard normal oldie).
He went on ranting about the conformism of society for the whole time.
"Fait chier cette connerie de la pensee unique !!!... merde. societe de merde. la pensee unique, et merde"
Then his wife came, sat in front of him and said:
"T'es vraiment un sale casse-couilles."


Fabian said...

I don't understand well the dialogs they said, but i do understand your excellent illustration. I will translate now.
Hugs! :)

giovanna said...

Thanks a lot! I help you with the translation, sorry about the vulgarity, but I report what they said...
The man said: "What a shit this fucked up Single thought!Shit! Shitty society! The SINGLE THOUGHT! AND SHIT!"
Then the wife came and said: "You really are a bloody pain in the ass."
It was so funny!
Hugs! :D

Jason said...

Hey Giovanna!!!!!!

giovanna said...

hei JAAAAYYYYY!! How are you?!!!!!

Jason said...

I'm great! How's Paris? I'm off to berlin tomorrow to MADE to learn form the best. :) I love your blog, keep posting, post post post. draw draw draw!

giovanna said...

lucky you!!! good luck in Berlin! I wish I could go there too... grrrrr!
I'll post soon, i have to keep up with you man, your blog is awesome!

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